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[Kalyanam] Re: Gen-07 [List #7] ~ Rev. #2, September 24, 2011 ~ Brides residing in India seeking Matrimony to prospective grooms abroad- ~ GlobalMatri.Org


Dear Parents of Brides living in India seeking matrimony for your daughters!

We are pleased to present our List #7 -Rev #2 dated September 24, 2011 of prospective  brides living in India, seeking bridegrooms living abroad.  From among the brides in India seeking,   U.S. still seems to be the choicest destination of 96% of these brides,  followed by a 3% to U.K., Europe (because of their education and job experience  over there), with one or two per cent seeking Australia and Singapore,  and other countries.!  No takers for Middle East though!  In e-broadcasting this List, our Initiative's intent here is two-fold ~ first to help assist prospective bridegrooms who belong to our Initiative, living predominantly in the U.S.  and the world over, who are specifically seeking brides from India, to help connect in matrimony, and second, to help these prospective brides (listed) living in India seeking matrimony, also registered with us, to connect them with those living abroad, through our Initiative! Thirdly to better educate brides in India, seeking!


If ever some one told you that there "ain't" no brides available from India seeking to come abroad in matrimony,  wake up and "smell the coffee" ~  our List, contains over 120 of them, moderately qualified, well qualified, distinguished in their fields,  brides who have spent over 6~8 years in the U.S. who have gone back to India, under difficult conditions, seeking to return to the U.S. in matrimony ~ in the age groups ranging from 23 ~ 38, short, tall,  charming and beautiful, petite,  slim and bubbly, wheatish, uniquely qualified and exceptionally talented!  Iyengars, Iyers, Telugu and Smartha Kannada Brahmins, in so many sub-sects ~ in  all kinds and flavors!   Our registration has grown from a paltry 33 registrants in July 2010, when we published our first List  to a whopping 120 with this e-broadcast! not including about a dozen who got engaged or married!  since July of 2010 and were deleted!  And more and more well-informed brides are registering with our Initiative! Everyday!

Last year, our Initiative undertook a study of prospective bridegrooms going to India from the U.S., seeking matrimony.  Of the 15 we tracked through 2010, 12 returned back to the U.S. "empty handed" after their voyage!  just 3 got married and when we did an exit poll of the three that got married, their mothers "breathed a sigh of relief" and said, it was their third attempt, in as many years!  However, there was one bride from India in our Initiative who had a M.S. degree from the U.S. and 6 years of Stateside work experience, who had returned to India ~ she was so focused in her search through our Initiative, wanting to come back to the U.S., that she connected with "him" quickly in 3 weeks and began talking ~ then the prospective groom was invited by the bride to Chennai so they could meet face to face and chat ~ when this happened in the in following 2 weeks that the boy made a trip to India,  he proposed to her while still there, got engaged and the next thing we knew was this gal was over here in the U.S. and working! So those of you going on a vacation to India, advertising in The Hindu paper seeking brides, are "just not going to connect" ~ because you are NOT focused in your search! And that is where our Initiative can assist you to connect with the right brides for you!

I want to give an advice or two to the brides seeking to come over to the U.S. in matrimony!  U.S. is going through tough economic times ~ we are in double digit unemployment figures over here and the jobs are just NOT that easy to come by any more! If available, employers are choosing green card holders and U.S. citizens, out of loyalty and not wanting to be tied up in visa procedures,  that make them look bad in the eyes of the Immigration, that they are still hiring non-citizens!  Most of you seeking a prospect in matrimony will come under a "H4" dependent visa of your husband who may be into a H1B or in H1B~GC (into different stages), legally not permitted to work ~ so most of you will probably "sit on the bench" in your apartments upon arrival,  while your husbands are still toiling and roiling away at work M-F 7:00 am to 8:00 pm, and some times on Saturdays too!  So if you come unprepared, you will go through a very painful experience of being "chained" at an apartment or home! or "sitting on the bench!" A boy's family  in Chicago got him "arranged-married" to a gal from India, without the boy briefing her as to what to expect she will go through when she came over here in matrimony~ and he "locked" her up in his apartment and took off;   the weather was unkind to her in Chicago with  minus 20 degree, piling up 10 - 12 inches of snow outside her apartment, that she was not used to;  after his arrival with the bride in the U.S.,  the boy took off week after week after week to clients' sites,  wherever his job took him to,  that his Company told him to go, leaving his bride "to fend" for herself in the apartment ~ and when he came back from his 4 week's trip, the gal was gone ~ and when he made frantic phone calls to find-out where she was, he learned to his horror that she was back in Bangalore, "riding her TVS scooty" and enjoying life over there, with friends ~ and she called the marriage "quits"!  But if you know the situation that you are going to get into and come prepared for it, with a pre-requisite to go to college for higher education,  such as a GRE, GMAT or TOEFL and other prep tests taken, you can enroll yourself in a college to do your Masters or PhD.  By virtue  of the fact that your husbands are "deemed residents"  in most states where they are employed, you don't have to pay exorbitant "out of state tuition" for enrolling as a student,  immediately upon your arrival, with full credit hours! as do students on F1 visas.   "To be forewarned is to be forearmed" or so goes the saying,  so "try to make lemonade out of lemon"! Come fully prepared!  And when the economy turns around in a few years, there will be plenty of job opportunities for you! For you the brides from India, our other advices are:

  • Second, do not get married to a Green Card holder from the U.S.  Your wait to join the husband takes 4-5 years! If not longer!
  • Third, don't waste time sending "expressions of interest" to U.S. citizens! on wedding portals!  It "ain't" going to happen!  Those solicitations are treated as "junk mail" over here! Unless the citizens are coming to India and seeking brides and there may be a specific reason for it!
  • Fourth, Location, location, location, of where your prospective grooms are situated, is very, very important ~ if you get married to some one in Hillsboro, Oregon or Seattle, Washington (where the two largest operations of Intel and Microsoft are located), or wind up in some place like Oak Ridge or Chattanooga, Tennessee, or Boise,  Idaho, Reno or Las Vegas, Nevada, or  Albuquerque, New Mexico, or El Paso, Texas, or Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota or Cheesecake in Wisconsin,  chances of your finding a job any time soon,  are very remote! so pay attention to the location of the prospective bridegroom, where is he employed?! Yet,  a few of those places I mentioned may not be a bad pick to go to school over here, if you are coming prepared with that "option"! the ONLY option when you come in!
  • Fifth, do not consider L1 visa holders, who are on "inter-company" transfers from a foreign affiliate/subsidiary to the U.S. home office  because if they are re-assigned back to India or their job is terminated, they will have to return to India for good! they cannot seek a change of  visa "status adjustment" to a H1B from an L1  over here unless they are already transitioning into a GC sponsored by their employer! So is the case with "J1" visa holders who are termed as "exchange visitors" who must return to India or a foreign country for 2 years, before becoming re-eligible to apply for an "entry-visa" to the U.S., unless they have filed for their GC with their GOI "No objection to Return"! ~ Another lengthy and time consuming process!
  • Sixth, if your prospective husbands' H1B (work visas) are expiring soon or they are approaching the end of their second (final) three-year term of their H1Bs, and have not been sponsored by their employer for a Green Card (and some employers do not sponsor their employees for a green card, as a matter of principle), then chances are you will return to India, with your husband,  very soon,  after the marriage ~ when his visa expires! for good!  So this is another important aspect you must look into with the prospective grooms that you may be engaging your thoughts of getting married to!
  • With unemployment on the rise in the U.S., the U.S. Consulates in India, are NO LONGER AUTOMATICALLY STAMPING THE H1Bs for a second extension.  In many cases, reportedly, re-entry visas for extension to H1Bs are denied, even to those who may have completed ONLY one 3~year term, and eligible for a second 3-year term,  even though they may be working here for a big MNC ~ the reason the U.S. Consul is advancing for such denial is there is enough such skilled labor force "of your caliber" available in the U.S. right NOW!   MNCs in the U.S. and India are watching this situation helplessly! Rejections of H1B's extensions of return visas to the U.S. are at an all time high!
  • Brides and parents of brides seeking grooms from the U.S. have to clearly watch out  with respect to boys who are specifically on H1B, NOT having transitioned into a H1B~ GC situation.  Some of the boys are seeking for jobs in Canada and U.K., and venturing in that direction, NOT wanting to go back to India ~ others are indeed returning to India ~  it is a "fuzzy" situation for our Initiative to keep tabs on! ~ boys' parents seeking matrimony,  don't clearly identify in their Registration,  the clear intent of the boy,  upon expiration of their second three-year term of the H1B status, meaning their exit plans or options ~ so you are bound to run into such situations ~ with all of the grooms you are contacting who are on H1B visa, the first "red flag" that should go up is for you should ask  "are you transitioning from H1B into a GC? 
  • Many impending marriages of bridegrooms in the U.S. on H1Bs are stalled for the above reason, because the brides in the U.S., are very worried and concerned about even the return of the boys in the U.S.  on H1Bs  going to India for re-stamping or what to do with boys whose second 3-year term on H1B is ending? if she got married to him?   Where will he end up and what will she do?! with him in the event of matrimony?!!

Students who have just (recently) completed their PhD are your best bets, because they are eligible to a "fast track" GC issue, on the strength of their PhD, if they have established some proven track record in their fields, in approximately 1 year  or so and they get "two for the price one" ~ meaning their spouses too can get the GCs  with them! If included into their applications at the time of filing for their GCs.   And we have many a PhD all over the U.S. seeking matrimonial opportunities through our Initiative, so there is an "incentive" for you to join the "club"! these PhDs have not filed for their GCs and are waiting to get married before they initiated these steps!

DISCLAIMER: In the U.S. only a practicing Immigration Attorney can give advice on immigration matters; I am not a qualified and practicing Immigration attorney, thus cannot give specific advice on immigration matters!  What has been discussed above, by way of sharing immigration information, is based on broad general guidelines obtaining (only) and may not apply to specific individual cases ~ you should contact an Immigration Attorney for your specifics.

How does our Initiative help connect Parents in Matrimony? Ours is Parental introduced connection in Matrimony!  Any one can

register their son or daughter with our Initiative!  Registration is absolutely free to everyone.  There is a Registration Form included at the tail end of this e-broadcast. It can be sent back to us via email.


GlobalMatri.Org weekly newsletters cannot be considered "SPAM" as long as they  include information re: a "unsubscribe" and "a contact" ~ if you do not wish to receive our newsletter or do not wish to be contacted, you can reply to this email  ~ OPTING OUT ! Kindly note that our Newsletter is adding value to you by bringing  "more alliances" to your doorstep! at no extra cost to you!  Maybe, they will soon bring a "celebration" in your Family!   And if your sons or daughters are engaged to be me married soon, kindly drop in an email to us, so we can delete their profile from our database. 

Any one subscribing to our services can seek parental contact info from our  Lists being e-broadcast every weekend ~  you can select the brides/grooms that are most compatible for your ward, in terms of  age, height, weight, sub-sect, educational qualifications ~ then you can email to us  your list  seeking those bride's/grooms' parental email contact information you have chosen to explore?  We give out the Parental email contact information via email to ONLY subscribing parents ~ once you get the parental contact info, you  can connect with the parents of the brides/grooms and take the discussion forward!  Please note we do not have a website ~ we do all of our mailings of Lists via weekly e-broadcasts, every week end. 
You can request up to three (3) ~ (4)  parental contact info per request, spaced 7~10 days apart, for a total of 10~12 in a month from our List  ~ after you have had a chance to evaluate the first three,  you can ask for three (3) more, and we will be happy to provide you 3 more!  This way you can make your search intensely. 

Please note that we will periodically update our Lists and keep adding new profiles to our List as they become available ~ so the List should be growing ~ giving you an opportunity to continually seek out "prospects" from our List.  The updated Lists will be e-broadcast periodically and you will receive the updated Lists.

With our Initiative, you take a proactive approach to your search!  Not wait for "the phones to ring"!  "Don't wait for the ship to come ashore!  Go out to the Harbor to meet and greet it!"

To address your specific concern, we do not give out your son's or daughter's name, nor her cell phone or email id of her to others ~ ours is a network of Parental introduced alliances of their wards!  And their privacy is protected at all times! Only your (Parent's) telephone number and email id will be provided to Parents registered with our Initiative, who have a "legit" ward to be married, who seeks out your contact info!  That is why we always ask for everybody Registration be filed with us!  This way, we are NOT giving out parents email contact information to strangers.  Over 1,000 parents of U.S. /Canadian citizens, Green Card holders alone have registered their wards with our Initiative, over the last two years, placing their trust and confidence in us!  Rest assured, your personal information will not be compromised in any manner.

How can you assist us to grow our Initiative?!  If you have received any alliances for your son or daughter in the past, which did not work out, for whatever reason ~  kindly give us those leads, with a name, telephone number and email address, to us.  We will incorporate them into our prospect list of brides or grooms ~ so your "discards" could be helpful to other Parents.  We want to assure you that your identity will not be revealed.  Or introduce your relatives or friends who may have a son or daughter to be married!

We trust we can help your daughter or son connect in Matrimony through our Initiative!  We look forward to be of service to you. If you have any questions that need further clarification, please feel free to cal on me in the U.S.  at 972 840 3495 (presently on Eastern Standard Time).

SeeghrmEva vivAhaprAptirastu (
शीघ्रमेव विवाहप्राप्तिरस्तु)
சீக்ரமேவ விவாஹப்ராப்திரஸ்து
Sashti Srinivasan, Founder                               London Associate: R. Sivasankaran
105 New England Ave, M2                               U.K. Telephone No. 44-208~907~1881     
Summit, New Jersey, 07901                             email:  "Sivasankaran" <>,
tel: 1-972 840 3495



(In your E-Mail: To fill this form, click the reply button in your mail box window and begin to type)

(Please this form in its entirety as it helps us to focus on your specific needs)

Today's Date: ______  ______  ________

1.  (a) Name   (optional)  ________________________________                       

1. (b): Gender: (  ) Male;  (   ) Female.           DOB _____ ____ _______ ;  Ht  ____ Wt ____(lbs)

                                                                                    (mm / dd / yyyy)

1. (c) - Status: (  ) Never B4 Married:             (  ) Previously Married / separated / other

2. (a) Education / Colleges Attended/Degrees Earned______________________________________


2. (b) Occupation and title ________________________________________________


2. (c) (Boy/Girl - Location) (City/State)  _____________________________________________


3. (a) Boy/Girl: Citizenship / Visa Status: (  ) U.S Citizen;    (  ) UK Citizen   (  ) India Citizen

            (  ) Canadian WP / PR / Citizen;   (  ) Green Card in US;    (  ) Student Visa,

            (  ) H1B,   (  ) H1B into GC,   (  ) J1,   (  ) L1; - Citizen of: ________________________ 


3. (b) How long lived in the here? ______ (yrs) ---- Are you willing to relocate in matrimony? - (  ) Yes; ( ) No


4. (a) Complexion:      (   ) Very Fair    (   ) Fair    (   ) Wheatish     (  ) Dark


4. (b) Appearance: (  ) Very Beautiful / Very Handsome; (   ) Beautiful / handsome (   ) Average


 4. (c) Build:                 (  ) Very Slim    (  ) Slim    (  ) Athletic (  ) Well-Built    (  ) Obese


5. (a) Hindu Sect ______________________ Sub-Sect_________________________


6. (a)  Parent's  Contact Name:  _________________________  E-Mail ID: ______________________


6. (b) Telephone: (LL) _______________________ (C) _____________________________


6. (c) Contact mailing address::________ _________________________________________   


6. (d) City / State / Country / Zip - ________________________________ ____________     


7. (a) Your preferences  (be specific in your wants, indicating your preferences and  things you do not want

___________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________



7. b) Comments: ______________________________________________________________


8. (a)   Horoscope Matching: (     ) Required;   (     ) Not required; 


8. (b)    Whether you will accept any Hindus~            (    ) Yes; ~ (   ) No;

8 c)  whether you will accept any S. I. Brahmins?    (   )  Ywa; ~ (   ) No;


8. (d) seeking only from within your own sub-sect: (   )

(Indicate preference eg, we are Vadama Iyers, we want ONLY Vadama Iyers,

or we are Vadakalai Iyengars, we ONLY seek Vadakalai Iyengars!

8. (e) Food Habits (a) (  )  Strict Vegetarian  (a)  (  ) flexible food habits (means Non-Vegtarian)

                            (c) ( )  do not drink    (d) drinks at socials   (e) smoker  ( )    (f) non smoker (  )

9. (a)  Father's & Mother's Names: _________________________  ______________________


9. (b) Their address    ___________  _____________________________________________


             Location (City / State / ZIP/ Country: ____________________  ______  ___________


10.  Registered in any Matrimony Site, __________________  ID __________________     


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