Tuesday, January 6, 2009

[Kalyanam] gouri_krishnan@yahoo.co.in ??

I have received the following profile from the id gouri_krishnan@yahoo.co.in.
The Boy very fair and good looking healthy, 26 years,B.E from Madras
University and M.E from BItS, Pilani, working as Senior Software
Engineer in L&T Infotech, presently working as Senior Consultant with
Citi in London. Very Brilliant academically and have great
opportunities ahead. Seeking a girl, very good looking and very fair,
must be professionally qualified, C.A, Doctor or Engineers preferred.

When I had sent a message calling for horoscope, the message could not be delivered to the addressee.  Can you help me to find out the telephone number or correct e mail Id of the above sender?
Lakshmi Ganapathy

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