Tuesday, August 9, 2011

[Kalyanam] Girl / 24 / MBBS


Hi, namaskarams to all.This letter is for seeking alliance for my daughter- Sow Reshmi Subramaniam who is doing her housesurgeoncy after MBBS.She is 5 ft 2 inches, fair, slim and goodlooking. Her star is Makam. DOB- 4/6/1987, born at Thiruvananthapuram.We are vadama, kausika gothram. Reshmi's mother and myself are specialist doctors working in Calicut, Kerala. She has one elder sister, who has a Masters in engineering and working in Boston,married and with a daughter. The maternal grand parents still living are educated and worked till retirement at Trivandrum. Only maternal uncle and aunt are doctors with Phd and are working in Chennai.Paternal ancestrl home is at Kottayam
We seek alliance from grooms , preferably doctors MBBS with or without post graduate qualification ,engineers with post graduate or doctoral qualification,preferably teetotaller, mature and God fearing from an educated cultured family living in India or USA/ Canada or any other country .In the latter case we prefer one who has been born and brought up in India The contact Email ID is drmh.subramaniam@gmail.com.

With regards and thanks to Kalyanam group,
Dr MH Subramaniam

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