Tuesday, February 10, 2009

[Kalyanam] Exorbitant charge for Shruti Vani magazine

Dear All : Especially
I wish to bring to your kind attention that the Subscription rate of Shruti Vani ( marriage Horoscope Journal from Kerala ) is going through the roof. When I enqured today for a 1/2 page insertion I was told that it is Rs 800/- This is is exteremely high,compared to other Matrimonial Journals like Mukthi Priya(Mumbai), Samooha Vani ( Mumbai) and MangalaSuthra( Kerala) are charging half the rates.
Can any one of the Seniors take this issue of Exorbitant rate prevailing for this particular magazine, and make it affordable to Middle Class parents of Boys and Girl's .
This does not look like a Horoscope magazine but looks like an instrument to make money from the public. It has become Journal of Information, and other details with about 150-190 pages which are not relevant for a Horoscope magazine.
The objective should be it should be affordable to Middle Class Citizens, also it should serve the purpose of match making for the Boys and Girl's parents rather than an instrument for making money.

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Vauhini said...

DEar Team,
We want to go for muktipriya magazine subscription for sister marriage proposal . can u please help me hw do i go. my mail id vauhini18@gmail.com

Sabina said...

We want to register for sister in laws marriage. We reside in Mumbai

Sabina said...

Phone - 9820560409

subbu said...

Sir, The fact that matrimonial websites and magazines are businesses is a known fact. Each magazine / site has its own commercials. I don't think anyone can raise an objection on their charges. If charges are high the market will respond accordingly forcing the magazine to revise their rates. I hope I don't mean anything inconsiderate, it is just a fact of life

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